Have you tasted our new Coffee Lover’s ice cream Special? Consume with caution. It’s addictive.

Zillion's Ice Cream and Waffles - Premium Ice cream


ZILLION'S Premium Ice Cream

At ZILLION’S we produce an unusually fine ice cream and we are especially proud of it. The secret that makes our ice creams stand out regarding their taste and texture? Our passion for quality ice cream, our years of experience and our obsession with premium ingredients.



Our flavours

Visit one of our stores and enjoy the ice cream of your choice from the wide variety of ice cream and sorbet flavours we offer, complementing your choice with some of our toppings and sides for even greater enjoyment.


The finest ice creams
somewhere near you

With 15 years of experience in the production of handmade artisanal ice cream, with a brand new, modern, certified production unit to guarantee the unique quality of our products, producing ice cream daily in small batches so that it is always fresh and delicious, always choosing natural premium ingredients, our ice creams have deservedly won a place in the hearts of consumers, continuing to bring smiles of joy and happiness.

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